Residential Inventories


An essential document for any Landlord and Tenant.  The Inventory sets out the condition at the start of the tenancy and when combined with the Tenant Check-in shows that all parties agree and are legally bound by.


For both the Landlord and Tenant the Inventory acts as a safeguard when determining damages and the release of the deposit following the end of Tenancy Check Out. Failing to invest in a detailed inventory can put a Landlords investment at risk.  Saffron Inventories aims to put all parties at ease through out the duration of the tenancy by providing reports and mid term checks that pick up on essential detail.

At Saffron Inventories we aim to offer a seem-less service by providing a personable approach, shaped around our customers with comprehensive detailed reports.  Our meticulous reports are compiled electronically including expandable digital colour images and signatures.  All reports will be available within 24 hours of the inspection (excluding Bank Holidays and weekends) and provided electronically.  Paper copies can be provided at an additional cost

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