The following services are offered:

  1. Inventory

A detailed report on the condition and finishings within the property is carried out electronically will full colour photos integrated with in the report for each item within each room.  The inventory is carried out through  a methodical inspection of the property room by room fully photographed with a detailed and accurate schedule of condition and listing any contents.  The inspection  will also include checking for smoke alarms, meter readings and include any out buildings, gardens and drives.

2. Tenant Check In

The Check In is completed with the tenant at the property.  The Check In is an opportunity to go through the Inventory Report with the tenant room by room and ensuring that they are in agreement with the content of the report and the condition of the property.  If the tenant notes any additional items to be noted on the report these should be highlighted to the clerk for inclusion.  The report will  be signed by  the Tenant/s and copies will be provided to the Landlord, Letting Agent and each Tenant for the property.

3. Mid Term Inspections

These inspections take place at agreed intervals during the tenancy and will constitute an inspection of the property checking against the condition as noted in the signed Inventory document.  A photographic record will be take of areas and specifically where there is concern.  Meters will be re checked and the inspection an opportunity to ensure the property is being maintained and discuss any concerns with the tenant.

Please note mid term inspections are not full inventories but will highlight if there have been any alterations and will highlight changes in cleanliness and condition noting any damage apparent on that day.

4. Tenant Check Out 

This is carried out as the Tenants leave the property and ideallyfollowing cleaning and  after their contents have been removed and ahead of handing back keys.  The clerk goes through the Original Inventory and similar to the mid term inspection will highlight changes in condition, note the cleanliness, any alterations and damage. A fresh photographic record is taken, Meters where accesible will be read and the tenant has an opportunity to be present for the check through out, in order to comment if they wish.

The Check Out report is essential for determining whether all or part of the deposit should be held.  Consideration will be given to the duration of the tenancy, fair wear and tear and will ultimately be discussed between the Landlord and or letting agent with the tenant in respect of release of the deposit.  This document will provide key evidence should there be a claim for damages or a dispute regarding the deposit release.

5. Empty Home Inspection

Buildings and Contents Insurance will often have clauses stating where a property is left empty it must be checked on a periodic basis, often every 30 days.  Whether the property is vacant due to being a second home, whilst you are on leave from the country/in hospital, probate or homeowner in care etc, this service provides documented assurance to you and your insurers/freeholder that the property is regularly checked to avoid invalidating your properties insurance.

These inspections will be recorded and provided to the home owner /Landlord/agent with regular updates and reports.  This will include meter reads, photographic evidence, highlight maintenance issues that need addressing and to ensure other insurance conditions such as heating requirements and pest control are adhered to.


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